Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is this?
    This site not-so-randomly selects a game from your list of Steam games and suggests it to you to play. You can choose to launch the game straight from your browser, or try for another pick.
  • How do I use this?
    You just type in either your Steam Community custom URL or your 17-digit CommunityID.
  • How do I find these things?
    Head over to SteamCommunity.com and sign in. Once you're signed in, the page you're taken to will have a URL similar to the following:

    The highlighted section will come in one of two forms:
    id/[your custom URL] -or- profile/[your 17-digit CommunityID]
    The portion in the [square brackets] is what you want.
  • Do you filter anything?
    I filter out anything with the words DLC, Pack, Demo, Beta, or Tutorial. Some DLC shows up anyway (*cough*Magicka DLC*cough*), but it's the best I can do without filtering specific AppIDs (which I might start doing at some point anyway).